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16th MC
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Chiong Wai Teng

I will strive to improve the current ASoc initiatives with your feedback! I want to build our ASoc family, a place where we can feel supported in our journey together! Don't wait anymore, vote for Wai Teng now!

Instagram: @waitengforasoc

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Kaylene Mak Kailing

As an ambitious and career-driven individual, I strive to create a conducive space in SoA while fostering a healthy student-life balance. With an extensive range of internship experiences in the accounting field, I will be able to provide students with valuable insights and opportunities to develop practical and multifaceted skills.

Instagram: @kayleneforasoc 

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Karttikraj C

I love being able to provide enlightening and fun experiences for students, which is why I want to continue to contribute to the ASoc Community! I hope to create a place where accountancy students can foster greater bonds and gain the knowledge to excel in their futures!

Instagram: @karttikrajforasoc

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Kek Jia Jun Joshua

I wish to serve the SOA student body as a student leader in ASoc as I have always been passionate about community involvement and making a positive impact. I will strive to develop strategic initiatives to create a holistic, meaningful, and vibrant student life.

Instagram: @joshuaforasoc

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Low Chang Fong

I wish to create an environment which SoA students would be proud of. I intend to do so by applying my experiences in ASoc to implement and enhance both new and existing activities targeted to enrich students academically and professionally, while promoting a vibrant and inclusive school life. 

Instagram: @ChangFongforASoc

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Nomination Period   Week 2: 23rd - 27th August

Get-To-Know-You Session   Week 3: 3rd - 4th September

Campaigning   Week 4: 6th - 10th September

General Voting   Week 5: 13th - 17th September

Elections Superday   Week 6: 24th September

Internal Elections   Week 6: 1st - 3rd October

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