Daryl Chua Hsien Yang.png

Daryl Chua Hsien Yang

To foster a positive environment that is tolerant and inclusive, where meaningful friendships can be forged and where joy can be found. I hope to enhance the attractiveness and outreach of ASoc’s current initiatives, bringing accountancy students closer together while leaving them with unforgettable memories in their SMU journey.

Instagram: @darylforasoc

Foo Li Yan.png

Foo Li Yan

Hello everyone, I am Li Yan and I am currently a year 2 student. I enjoy watching Korean dramas in my free time. I previously served as CIP (Events) manager in Temasek Poly’s Accounting & Finance Interest Group and I hope to be given a chance to serve you.

Instagram: @liyanforasoc

Heng Wei Shin.png

Heng Wei Shin

I love the satisfaction of giving back to the community around me, so I’m heavily involved in many things in SMU – ASoc, SMUBE (I make videos!), MCCY-SMU CTA, VPH – just to name a few! With these skills, experience and network, I know I can contribute greatly to the ASoc family!

Instagram: @weishinforasoc

Kaustubh Kaslikar.png

Kaustubh Kaslikar

I am Kaustubh Kaslikar, a Year 2 Accountancy student. I enjoy football, cricket, DOTA and am a big fan of Hamilton. I am running because I want to help my friends find their careers after graduation. My greatest strengths are my openness, confidence and energy.

Liu Shu Liang.png

Liu Shu Liang

I want ASoc to be a safe haven for accountancy students. A place where they can rely and fall back on. To achieve my objective, I will strengthen ASoc’s current initiatives and launch new activities to continue supporting all students academically, professionally while creating a vibrant school life.

Instagram: @shuliangforasoc

Wong Hong Ming Bill.png

Wong Hong Ming Bill

I want to create and foster an inclusive and cohesive community where meaningful and long-lasting friendships are formed through exciting initiatives. I would want to build an effective management committee where fresh and unique ideas will be generated to build on the existing portfolio of ASoc events.

Instagram: @billwongforasoc

Yu Tian Xin.png

Yu Tian Xin

I envision ASoc to be an inclusive society with a strong support system. I want to nurture an avenue for personal growth through ASoc’s activities. I will strive to make ASoc a family that students want to be part of, with abundant opportunities to forge amazing friendships and unforgettable memories.

Instagram: @tianxinforasoc